Friday, May 4, 2012

Annabelle Cake Smash l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fun of a cake smash session, because kids are allowed to get dirty and they should have fun doing it. I personally have so much fun during these sessions because you never exactly know what you are going to get with a one year old. This year I have done quite a few of these types of sessions. I offer to make the big style cupcakes, but this session I wanted to be a bit more girly. So I attempted my FIRST EVER Barbie cake, don't hate. Annabelle's dad definately gave me the best facial expression ever when I told him I would need a naked barbie, random I know. I think he was very impressed in my mad cake decorating skills once they saw what I did with the 'naked barbie.' LOL Annabelle was not into the cake smashing as much as I thought she would be, but I did get a few good ones of her, and she was nice enough to share the cake with her sister, dad, uncle, the dogs, and ME!

Not too bad on the decorating. :)

Such a little cutie!

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