Monday, June 30, 2014

Amber & Brandon's Gender Reveal l Greene, Va Family Photographer

The secret is out.....IT'S A GIRL!!!! Haizel is going to be so excited to have a little sister to play with.

When Amber first got the great news that her and Brandon were expecting, I was one of the first people she contacted. (super proud to say that :) ) Amber knew that she wanted to capture every little moment of this journey she could, and I was and am totally excited for being there with her and Brandon for this chapter. 
I knew for their gender reveal I wanted something DIFFERENT, and something that would be fun and capture both of their personalities. Brandon is from Mutton Hollow (in the country we call this a Holler) located in Greene County, Va. A place that is amazing gorgeous and serine, plus there is no cell phone service which is sometimes a nice change of pace for me. His family owns quite a bit of property along the mountain side, where a few cabins sit. When we discussed doing this session Amber let me take control of the creative side, but we chose to do the session on his family property.
A few trips to hobby lobby and a phone call to Ms Kacey of Faithful Flowers the planning had started. :)
 A lemonade reveal, in the middle of a field between two mountains.
 Cupcake were actually from Food Lion.
 Look at her cute profile :)
 The very first shot with them was pure perfection of love and happiness :)
 Brandon I truly LOVE how happy you make this gorgeous girl. In the last few years I have known her I haven't seen her smile so big. Keep making her this happy!! :)
 LOVE their smiles!!
 How cute are they?!?!?!?
 I LOVE how happy they are, I will say that over and over again, but this is what makes doing photography SSSSOOOOO worth it!!! :)