Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oliver Family l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

One of the best things about choosing to go into this industry, is not only challenging myself to be better, but I get to see friends I hadn't seen in YEARS. I hadn't seen Jennie since we graduated high school in 2003. She is just a beautiful as she was 10 years ago, and hasn't aged a bit. Now she has two gorgeous little boys, and are ALL boy. They were happiest when they didn't have to look at the camera, but when they could be cut loose to play with the football. Sometimes you just have to let kids be kids during a family session, and lately I have had the chance to do this during a few sessions. I must say I love capturing life, the candid moments we cherish, but are never able to get on camera. :)

Look at that mothers love!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boudoir Room and finding my style l Virginia Women's Photographer

This Spring I haven't been able to do a lot of women's work, as once it gets warm out, most of my weekends are switched to weddings, families, and bridal work. I absolutely love the women's work, because I get to help a woman see how beautiful she is, and at all ages and sizes we need this. A woman with self confidence can concur the world.... :)

Although I can not share the full sessions, but I do want to share a few sneak peeks. I have really come into my style of these, and I must say I LOVE it!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stacy's Vintage Styled Session l Glen Allen, Va Portrait Photographer

I couldn't wait to post and blog about this session. As I begin planning this months ago, I wanted to use a few models for this. As my go to girl, Katelyn, works in the evenings until 6, she was not able to attend this one, but my lovely friend Stacy was SOOO excited for this session. I am working with Stacy a lot this year, with her cute son Brycen that I get to see at least once a month. :) This session was to be ALL about her, and what woman doesn't need just a few photos just about her!! Since Stacy has AMAZING fire red hair, I decided to go with more of a hollywood glam style hair to show off her long locks. As yesterday was a lot of firsts for Stacy, first time for fake eye lashes, red lips, and CORSET!! Believe it or not, she is THREE months postpartum and look at how FANTASTIC she looks!!!!!

Look at those eyes!


 11 bobby pins later, a quick up-do!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Kellye & Mike l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

Kellye and Mike are one of my bride and grooms from 2011. Since then myself and Kellye have become really close friends, as I do find myself attached to my brides probably because I absolutely love weddings, and capturing love at its best. Kellye brought to my attention that they hadn't taken pictures since the this is very common with a lot of couples. They had recently moved into a different house, and upon visiting I noticed she had so many blank walls, and not even a wedding picture on the wall. Me being their photographer for that day, not going to lie, was kinda upset to see this. I told Kellye "We need to fix this." So when she told me she wanted new pictures, I said great, as I have come more into my style as a photographer, this was a GREAT time to show that. This would also allow them to have some diversity with images to put on their walls. Another great idea I had with mothers day approaching was, give those images as gifts to both of their mom's, which they did and they LOVED them, and that is always great to hear as a photographer.

Meet Kellye and Mike again: They are happily married and so in love.

Its not everyday you get to shoot a session in a garage of classic cars, IN LOVE with it!!

 This one is SOOC :)

Timberlake Mommy & Me l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

I absolutely LOVE the spring time, not only for flowers and lots of green, but because I get to meet new clients for awesome sessions like this. These two little boys, aaaahhhhh, they are the cutest and so full of spunk and life.

I follow quite a few blogs, and only a few family photographers. When they say you never know what your going to get with children, they are right. And boy do they really say the darnest things, this session proved both, but help me build my skills on more non-posed images, and letting kids just be kids.