Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stacy l Virginia Women's Photographer

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram you see this gorgeous red head very often as Stacy and Brycen are a part of my monthly watch me grow program (details coming in 2014). Stacy contacted me for something specifically for her. She has busted her you know what in the gym for the last 9 months after having Brycen and she should be damn proud. She looks AMAZING!!!!

Stacy is your down home country girl, but not one for wearing camo. I must say lady, you make camo look good!

 As my Papa would say "I can't see the bed, but I do like that pose"

 Get it girl!!!

Sneak peek to Fall minis l Richmond, Louisa, Charlottesville, Va Family Photographer

My Fall mini sessions this year were SOOOO much fun. I love watching my clients' families grow, and meeting new ones. :)

From Crump Park to Carter's Mountain, I was a traveling fool this week, plus a wedding on top on it.
I love both places for the scenery and the Fall feel. Although Carter's Mountain is a bit cooler due to altitude, which I will remember for next year.

A HUGE thank you to all that I got to spend time with during this weekend, I catching up with every one.

 Love watching Mister Brantley grow in pictures :)


 This is Leanne and Mark's third or forth Fall mini session with me, I look forward to seeing them every year, including Oliver. :) Love the flannel this year Leanne.


 Look at their little family!!!! :)

 Loved finally meeting this family!!
So cute!!


 Isn't she so cute?!?!
Those blue eyes.... <3


 Oh Miss Maddie, you just melt my heart!!

 This is how she feels about taking pictures, lol!
I call this real life during a photo session with a toddler :)

 Hayden has grown up so much since the last time I saw him.

 Sometimes you just have to let life happen during a session....

 Now this is the ham I know :)
 Such a cutie, with his big blue eyes!