Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Behind the scenes of Crystal Reyns Photography l Central Va Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I have never done a behind the scenes blog before. As I am entering my forth year of photography, I find it is very important to learn your photographer and who you may be working with. I have had Katelyn on my team for a little over a year, we are a lot alike and there really is never a dull moment. We like to have fun, laugh, give each other stupid looks, dance like fools, and Katelyn is an 'amazing' singer.......JUST KIDDING.

2013 I am dedicating to offer more and better for my clients. :) This is not just for weddings, but also for certain types of sessions like seniors and boudoirs/ pin-ups. :)

A few weekends ago I got to work with the lovely Victoria, that I still want to call Veronica....HORRIBLE right?!?! I don't know why, and I actually really good with names. :P But she was game to help me promote my new SENIOR EXPERIENCE!!!

Victoria fit right in with myself and Katelyn, a little ball of fun that took great direction, and let me tell you she was quite the trooper for the day as it was cold and windy.

Myself and Katelyn always try to take good pictures, but they always end up like the one to your right...hehehe :) 

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