Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Switching to thumb drives

For the past three years I have been giving disks with my sessions and weddings. As I am transitioning into a NEW and improved Crystal Reyns Photography, I am changing quite a bit. :) One of these things is to switch over to thumb drives, thanks to my wonderful photog friend Erica Stanley of Hildebrandt Photography.

Switching to thumb drives will allow you as my client to be able to bring back the thumb drive (for a discount off of session) to reload your new images. :) I will still keep all of my edits, but this will get rid of your home filling with disks that can be scratched or broken. Also, these can be used on the ipad where the ipad will not take a disk, and some older computers and laptops will not read DVDs.

Here is a preview of what my thumb drives look like, yes it is an iphone pic. :/

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