Monday, April 14, 2014

My First Mr & Mrs Day l Personal

I am so excited to share about my first ever Mr & Mrs Day. I am so thankful for my couples that came out. I throughly enjoyed catching up with everyone of y'all.

Preparing for this day was rather stressful. With being the first year of doing this, I didn't know what to expect, and where to really start. This day was inspired by a class I took at WPPI in March, Matt Kennedy and Katelyn James talked about giving back and creating a community. As this was something I had been wanting to do for my clients, I just didn't know where to start. So my planning started by contacting ALL of my past bride and grooms. Then contacting Lauri that does custom cookies, as I did want something sweet to give to them. :) And she did an amazing job with the cookies, everyone loved them. From there I wanted to gift something that would enhance their marriage and relationship. The 5 love languages is a great book for any relationship and not just marriage. It discuss all the things we do in the beginning of a relationship, but they fade away. We forget do to them as we get comfortable, and it offers suggestions on how to bring that back into the relationship to keep it going. Help couples fall back in love with one another, which I want all marriages to be successful in every way.

I also wanted little fingers foods to have while we caught up. :) And it was an excuse to make my awesome fruit dip.

 So impressed with Lauri's work on these cookies that are branded to me :)

 Here are the cookies Lauri designed for my couples to take home, and this is the book that was in their gift bag.

 Here is a few images of a few of my couples, I LOVED doing this for them, and I can't wait to plan next years. :)

 Ashley and Junior are expecting baby number TWO so y'all know I had to get a baby bump picture.
 I love Rikki and Steven's love, and I love watching them grow as a couple.
 And it wouldn't be complete without some instagram images:

What is a party without some beer.....
 Of course Skeatti has to be the center of attention.

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