Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trish and kiddos l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

I loved catching up with Trish this past weekend, as she came to my home studio. I hadn't seen them in almost a year. Nate has gotten so tall, still a little shy at first, but he did warm up to me again. Miss Bethany, wow we what a year's difference makes, and she is such a gorgeous little toddler now.

This was my first studio session after being back from WPPI where I took quite a few classes on lighting and posing. I was so excited to put to use what I learned, and I can tell such a difference. :)

 LOVE this!!!
 Look at all those gums :)
 Then we got to talking about 4-wheelers
Bethany wasn't feeling the brother/sister love.
 What did you say to me? LOL LOVE this expression

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