Thursday, September 11, 2014

A RVA elopement l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

As many of you know myself and Erica have become the best gal pals through photography. We met in a photography group, and it was love at first sight.....JUST KIDDING y'all, but our friendship has only grew from there. From shooting together, being the shoulder to lean on in this business, learning from one another, and to this year even traveling to two photography workshops/ conventions.
 I got the text a fews days before this perfect day for an elopement. I was surprised and shocked, as Erica and Drew had plan to do this next year prior to their big wedding STILL planned for September of 2015, in which I am honored she asked me to be her maid of honor. So in my MOH duties OF COURSE I would want to capture this special moment for Erica and Drew. In becoming close with Erica I have learned the ins and outs of all things Erica. We seriously act like a married couple....for she knows to offer me that chap stick if she takes it out of her purse....
And her son Julian is my little boyfriend, and even responds when I call him boyfriend.....although his responses may not be as nice, but that's okay he is Erica's child :) 

In the few years of learning Erica, I have come to know many things about her and Drew and their relationship. In which I couldn't be more excited and proud that they finally tied the knot FOR REAL!! As she has spent the past few years already calling him husband, now it's official. As we did try to keep this surprise a secret, many caught on to our Facebook and Instagram posts.....and put two and two together.

Erica being a photographer herself, planned the day out perfect for photographer moment. But we planned to meet 2 hours prior to the ceremony time for all these portraits all around Richmond. As she wanted to capture the town she loves with the man she loves. 

As close friends and family joined together, as they had received the 'we are getting married' text two days prior, we all followed Erica and Drew to the beautiful location on Libby Hill Park as to where they would pronounce their love and commitment to one another. 
 And BOOM this is the real us : LOVE YOU HOLY HIPS!! (yes I'm allowed to say that and she won't be offended) 

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