Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harrison Family l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

Nick contacted me early last year to surprise his beautiful wife with a family session. Now, months later we have finally caught up to do these, and I couldn't have been more excited to spend an early morning with them right in the town of Louisa. They made the long trip from Winchester for the weekend to visit with friends and family, but this over cast morning was all mine!!
Luckily Nick's brother, Dusty, is one of my bestest friends, so we conned him into coming as well. 
Thank you Harrison's for being so much fun during this whole session, I'm still laughing just looking over the images!!

See how excited he was to be there:
And our session turned into more of this than anything:
Per Dusty's request....this happened.... HEHEHEHE
Now I know what you are thinking when you look at this next image....YES... that is Dusty....it's weird maybe....but its a family inside joke....so of course we had to capture that :)
True sibling love right there!!!
HA HA HA a favorite

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