Friday, March 27, 2015

Skeatti and Meatball's first trip to the beach l Personal

Last month while we were getting snow in Virginia, we snuck off to Nags Heads on a random trip to just get away....and boy was it needed. This trip was special, not because it was just a trip to the beach, or my favorite place EVER, but because I realized Skeatti and Meatball have never been to the beach. Yes I know I am that crazy dog mom, but these are rescues and I may or may not have a bucket list for them now as I feel like they should get to enjoy as much life as they can with me as well. I do not have children so these rescued pugs are my spoiled rotten kids, plus they are uber cute, but I'm also partial. :) :) 

 I mean seriously it doesn't get much cuter than that!!!! And yes it's going on the wall in a large print.
 Life is all about the little details
 Skeatti: "huh mom" Meatball: "enough I can't take it anymore"
 And there goes little brat trying to eat everything.....
 The simple beauty of Nags Head always amazes me and has a sense of calming :)

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