Thursday, May 28, 2015

Asher's countryside Mickey Mouse themed birthday l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to meet this sweet, flirty, on the go cute boy, Asher. Although I get some super cute snap chats in my story from his dad, there was nothing better than him greeting me with open arms to hold him. :)
I met Asher's mom, Melissa, at a farm right outside of the town of Louisa at the crack of dawn. And I love early morning sessions for the beautiful lighting. Asher was and is quite the morning person, so we got lots of smiles, laughs, and then chasing of an on the go boy. 
We started his session in this gorgeous butter cup field, isn't is the perfect spring setting?!?!
After a quick change into his bibs and fishing hat, we went down to the pond to look for some fish. I loved this outfit as his dad is quite the outdoorsman so I'm sure Asher will have many adventures of hunting and fishing when he is older. 
HA HA HA this face tho....
.....and then it was time for Mickey Mouse bibs, tie, and CAKE...
.....the first pick at the cake is always my favorite :) ....
safe to say that Asher really like the black icing the best
And I love that the black icing makes him look like he has a mustache and beard going on....HEHEHEHE

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