Friday, May 22, 2015

Lauren and Aaron's rainy day wedding l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Wedding Photographer

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well Lauren and Aaron have been sent lots of luck from the heavens on their wedding day. Lauren being one of the most calm brides EVER when having to change to her Plan C and watching the weather for weeks to plan out her dream outdoor wedding ceremony. 
When Lauren called me to tell me plans had changed, as the rain wasn't 'supposed' to start until after their ceremony time......let's be real when are the weather people actually right..... Any who, I was off to the church in Sandy Hook, Va which is a gorgeous vintage church with lots of character. Lauren showed up moments later still smiling and calm because she knew this wasn't about the weather or the cake, or the flowers, or anything else but the love of her and Aaron and coming together as one. Girl you are a rock star, and I am not sure if myself or many could've been as calm as you on your day. 
A very small intimate celebration shared with only family and close friends, this day may not have been the model day, but it was perfect and filled with smiles, laughs, love, and joy....and THAT is what it is ALL about. 
Lauren and Aaron I LOVE your love and being able to capture it in the rain was awesome, and I look forward to your summer reception celebration :) :) 

 ...lace from her mom's wedding dress sewn into hers...
 And this gorgeous colorful bouquet
In awe of Lauren's jewelry for her big day 
 ....and her new last name sewn into her dress too :) ...
 And some of the coolest parents EVER!!! how can you not smile at this?!?!?!?!
 A FAV for me!! :) and yes they stood in the rain with me :) 
 Their non PDA kiss :) :) 
 and this pictures with sweet friends shows the spirit and love of this imperfectly perfect day :) 

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  1. Fabulous couple!! Watching their wedding photos was a pleasure for me. I like everything in this sweet ceremony. Their wedding venue in Los Angeles was perfect for a rainy day wedding!