Friday, June 5, 2015

Thursdays are off days l Personal

Thursdays for me have become a day of NO WORK. Which is sometimes hard for me as I stayed in work mode constantly for about 3 years. With working a full time job, and having photography as close to full time as it can be I was on the go all the time, with many vendors, friends, and family always telling me to 'slow down,' or 'I don't know how you do it.' 

I know with most of us our favorite day is Friday because it is the last day in the work week. But as a photographer most of our shooting days are on the weekends, so my work days are typically 7 days a week during wedding season (and my favorite days are wedding days). For me besides wedding days, Thursday is the one night I look forward to most. Why? Because Thursday is our date night. And not just once a month, but every week. We have been doing this since January, and it has been a huge eye opener on enjoying life. 

My significant other said just yesterday 'I know I can go without my phone, but you can't' It's true, with running a growing business I have clients text, email, Instagram direct message, Facebook message my business page and personal page (not preferred on personal fb please) constantly, which I try to respond ASAP to receiving a notification, it is a lot to keep up with, and sometimes this is not fair to anyone's significant other when on their time and trying to hear about their day or just step away from 'work.' So Thursdays are our day to step away from it all and try something new, a new restaurant, a new movie, something fun, a new beer.....just always a new adventure, and you know what above all; THIS makes me incredibly happy to have someone in life that brings me out of that constant work mode that I was so accustomed to just enjoy life and a moment of nothing but fun and great company. 

Last Thursday, I decided to plan something different for us. Something simple, low budget, and super cute. A little picnic just for us on the Lake. Homemade sandwich's, chips, strawberry short cake, and the BEST peach wine from Weston Farms in Louisa. Seriously this was probably my FAVORITE date night to date. It wasn't a fancy restaurant, zip lining, the beach, but something very simple and perfect for us to just enjoy time together. 

To my other half: THANK YOU for enjoying the simple life, for adventures, for breaking me out of my shell, being amazing, and allowing me to be a part of your life and reminding me to sometimes put work second to enjoy this life with you. 

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