Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Year in Review l Personal l Louisa, Va Photographer

I don't exactly know where to start, but I am not a huge fan of blogging, and one of my 2013 resolutions is to blog more to connect better with my clients, so I am hoping I will learn to love it.

2012, was a roller coaster year for me. It had huge ups and downs, in my personal and business life. The beginning of 2012 was rocky for me. As I battled getting out of a really bad relationship, which I am grateful that I am still alive today to make it past that. I won't exactly get into that, as it has taken me awhile to openly discuss all of the things that I went through. But that is also the reason that I have a strong passion for women photography, and bringing self confidence to women; because you never know what bringing self confidence to a woman will help her do.

I pride myself on being independent these days. I thank my horrible ex relationship for that. As I have bought a home which I have a small studio in, and now also a boudoir room. I have a company vehicle, that has been customized thanks to a deer. lol I also pride myself on women empowerment, I get to lift women's spirits for a living, do you know how honoring that is??? AMAZING!!! 

2012 started off slow, as I learned manual mode and shooting in RAW, this was troubling at first as I am self taught. I join a group of fellow photographers in early Feb and a few we are still great friends, and learn from each other. I have an amazingly hilarious assistant Katelyn that I love working with and traveling with. Through going through my rough patch in March to July, my clients lifted me up. They brought me back into light, when I was in the dark. Y'all gave me my smile back. I thought I would always be cold hearted, and my clients made me know what love was again. I LOVE photography, I LOVE my clients. While crying writing this, I want everyone to know when I am photographing my clients whether it be a wedding, family, maternity, couple, etc, I want everyone to feel what they are feeling when you look at their images. Whether it be love, sadness, passion, or laughter; For example, during the Hurt Wedding the before wedding sneak peek where the bride and groom didn't want to see each other so I used a door to separate them, and when Shannon put her hand on Travis' hand shaking nervously and was looking at me crying, I begin to cry because I felt her happy nervousness, and as a photographer that is an AMAZING connection that I get to share with my clients.  I get to share secrets with clients, I get calls about clients expecting, picking out wedding dresses, knowing the sex of the baby before everyone else, my clients want ME in the delivery room, I share birthdays, anniversaries, etc.....y'all have become MY FAMILY!!! As I have been struggling with knowing if I am successful, and what defines being successful in photography, I have to remind myself that it is when you feel it within yourself. And I didn't feel that until this year. Myself and Katelyn got to travel for weddings during the summer, which that is a huge honor once you get to capture weddings out of state. I totaled up my sessions and weddings for 2012 and I had 126 sessions and 17 weddings......sssshhhhooo thank you everyone, y'all are amazing!

I get to meet so many people doing this job. Brides, grooms, families, vendors, fellow photographers, all which is an honor. This is a dream come true for me, knowing I get to capture moments that last a lifetime!!! So thank you thank you thank you all clients past, present and future ones. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life, for capturing your life, helping me grow and learn from my mistakes, and thank you for being YOU!  Here are some images from 2012.....stay beautiful everyone!!

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