Monday, January 14, 2013

Stacy Maternity Boudoir l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

I first met Stacy as a bride to be. Her and her wonderful mom met with me to go over wedding packages and all that jazz. At that time hearing her story, I fell in love with the spirit of this wonderful ginger, yes Stacy I called you a ginger (secretly I LOVE her and her sister's red hair). As we all know life doesn't always go as planned, but it makes us stronger if we fight the challenges thrown at us.

Stacy is an amazingly wonderful woman inside and out. Through having a rough year, she is blessed with Brycen, which is surely heaven sent.

I was able to do maternity pictures with Stacy in December, and it was cold!!! As we powered through her session, she had mentioned wanting to do a boudoir while pregnant. I had been planning to remodel my guest room into a boudoir room over Christmas break, which was a lot more work than expected (thanks pinterest). As soon as I had finished the room, I contacted Stacy to set up her session before Mr Brycen decided to make his debut. :)

So here is a sneak peek to her amazing session, and the first session in my new boudoir room. :)

 Stacy you are GORGEOUS!!!

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