Friday, August 23, 2013

Miller Family l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

Sometimes it is still hard to grasp that this is my job. How can I have a job I LOVE so much??
Maegan inquired about a family session through Facebook after posting that she was looking for a local photographer, and the number of responses for Crystal Reyns Photography was quite amazing. Y'all rock!!!! I saw this on Facebook and thought "holy crap that's me." :)

In planning a session with Maegan, Pat, and Miss Charlie that was turning 3 I was so overly excited for the session and couldn't wait.

Miss Charlie was quite hesitant as first, as most toddlers are. But she warmed up to me rather fast, with lots of tongues out, and I even let her play with my IPhone (which I have 113 pictures that she took LOL ), I think that's how I won her over. I love the images of capturing her and them in the moment, because kids don't stay little long. I like to let them do their thing a little during sessions, its always great to capture the little things that they may stop doing once they are older. :)


 OMG aren't they the cutest?!?!

 Love her pointed toe! Too cute!

 Sweetest thing ever!!!! :)

 Maegan you are GORGEOUS!!!! And I'm kind of jealous of your tan!!

 Love this kid so much, that tongue kills me LOL.

 This is her "are we done yet" face. :)

Thank you Maegan, Pat, and Charlie for a fun morning family session. :)

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