Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Powers Wedding l Bedford, Va Wedding Photographer

I anticipated for this wedding for quite a few months. I was SOOOO excited for another wedding with this AMAZING family. Amber's twin sister was married in Oct 2012 (click me), where Amber told me it would be her soon. :) Amber contacted me earlier this year to tell me they had set a date, and they knew first that they wanted me there, EEEEKKKKK what an honor. Now behind the scenes, Shannon (her twin sister) had told me she was expecting, but I was to keep in a secret because no one really knew at that time, and asked if I would be willing to flexible when Amber changed her date. So once the family knew, Amber contacted me anxiously about having the change the date, which I broke the news that I already knew it would be happening, and I would gladly work with her on a perfect date.

The big day came, and myself and Katelyn had quite a fun drive through the mountains to Bedford county, if you have never drove there it is GORGEOUS. Amber and Travis' wedding location was perfect for their DIY/rustic wedding theme; a friend's property that had little barns, cabins, and bridges. The weather was perfect upon arrive with a 30% chance of rain, EVERYONE was smiles and so excited for the celebrations. Everyone that was there was helping with everything to get ready, standing back that is a day full of LOVE, not just from the bride and groom, and it was great to be a part of it. The reception area was full of rustic decorations from vintage coke bins, to burlap table cloths with mason jars and decorative bright flowers. The ceremony site had a door that had a P mounted in the door frame with the doors open, lined with old metal water pales filled with greenery.

As it was almost time to get the bride ready, I prepared to shoot the details a little different for this wedding, and I LOVED the outcome of these. Amber begin to get nervous and the finishing touches were being made........and is started to rain....or should I say DOWN POUR. After almost an hour of rain, the sun begin to come out and we could get these two hitched at this gorgeous setup set between two mountains. A short and sweet ceremony, due to more rain, thunder, and lightening coming our way. As they walked down the aisle someone passed them their umbrella. We thought it was going to be a quick shower, but it didn't stop.

The love this group of people have is amazing. As I will dub this wedding 'a river runs through it' wedding because guests and family members took off their shoes and socks, rolled up their pant legs, and grabbed shovels to dig trenches in the reception site to allow run off water to get out from under the tent as it became quite soggy. Everyone came together to celebrate this amazing day, they say rain is a sign of good luck, Amber and Travis y'all will have a tremendous amount of luck. :) We all made the best of this day, and the lovely couple was married and it was time to dance in the rain. :) As I went barefoot, with most of the guests we went on with the party, and we all had a great time from all the dances to the heart felt "we shared" matron of honor speech from her twin sister.

Congrats to Amber and Travis' I can't wait to come back over the mountains to finally capture some bride and groom images. :)



 Burlap bouquet made by the bride.
 Wedding favors made by the bride.

 I loved their centerpieces.

 Made by the bride!

 Yes I will put camera down and help bride get ready :)

 Amber's parents are AMAZING, this image makes cry from how happy they are!

 The rain didn't stop them from loving their special day!! :)



Cake was made by a friend, and tarts were made by bride and her grandma. :) 

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