Monday, September 16, 2013

Hadley's Birth Story l Richmond, Va Birth Photographer

If I had to pin point the most amazing thing I have captured through the lens, this moment would be it. The raw emotion I was able to capture is something I could never explain in words. Such a joyous, exciting, full of happy tears moment. Welcome Miss Hadley to the world, you have no idea how loved you truly are already.

Shannon contacted me earlier this year for availability for labor pictures in September, me not exactly thinking it was her, she spilled the beans that they were expecting and I had to keep it hush hush until she got the 13 week "okay" from the doctor. And at that time she would tell her family and make it a public announcement. I was so beyond happy for her and Travis as they are such an amazing couple, I knew they would make amazing parents. From this journey, I also got to capture their gender announcement pictures (I knew before everyone else, na-na na-na boo boo). LOL Recently we did their maternity session in the sunflower field, as sunflowers are very special to Shannon and Travis so it was kind of perfect setting just for them. :) 

As I have watched Shannon and Travis start a few chapters of their life through the lens (engagement, wedding, bridals, maternity, gender reveal), I couldn't miss this moment either. After some persistent with the reception desk to get back to the room, I did just in the nic of time. Once I got in the room it was a frenzy to get my setup together, because it was time to push. Shannon you are a rock star, and looked AMAZING after giving birth to Hadley. Travis is a rock star Dad, as you can see how happy he is at first moments seeing his little girl.

 The first thing Hadley came out with was a lying.
 Shannon got to reach down and touch her hair.
 See a perfect rock star mohawk!

 Mom's happy tears holding her baby.

 Counting her toes. :)
 Holding Mommy's hand for the first time.

 21 inches long.

 I love that little grump face. hehehe


Welcome into this crazy world Hadley!! Born 9.13.13, 1:06pm, 6lbs 9oz, 21 inches long. :)

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  1. Beautiful moment, very beautifully captured :)