Friday, August 1, 2014

Caleb's Lifestyle Newborn Session l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

Caleb Owen, 9 days new, and only a few days in his home with Mommy, Daddy, Duck, Goose, and Slinky. So far I would say he is completely loved by everyone. :) Duck has become quite the guard dog, and no one gets close to his baby.
Joanna and Corey prayed for quite some time for this little miracle. And when she says 'dreams really do come true,' she means it, because she has lived in the moment of seeing hers come true. 
Earlier this year when I announced that I would no longer be offering newborn sessions, I got quite a few worried texts, messages, and emails. Joanna was one of those. I reassured her that I was not offering studio newborns, but I would still wanted to capture the story of welcoming baby home. This session was nothing shy of amazing. 
Sometimes we forget the little details in life. With Joanna and Corey I want you to remember the small items you picked for Caleb's room....
....the first time you changed his diaper, and how fast he grows into the next size....
....all the toys you will spend years picking up and putting back in this basket...
....the first time he will get to sleep in his crib over night..... he is amazed at the small things, and you wonder what he is thinking before he old enough to tell you..... he sleeps on your chest, and how he loves his fists balled up... Duck and Goose look over him.... he throws up his 'gang' signs.... you hold him and how small he is, because this will change rapidly over the next year...

....his tiny precious fingers... you can just stare at him for hours in amazement that he is yours....

...the cutest yawns EVER!!...

...and never forget the love y'all have for each other.
In lifestyle newborns I want to make a change. I want everyone to not just cherish a picture, but I want you to cherish a moment. A moment that happens everyday. A moment that we may take for granted. A moment that we forget to capture. Focus on the now, and then ten, twenty, thirty years from now I want these moments to be the ones that take you right back to THIS day, and pulls on your heart strings because this is what you will remember most.

Oh the faces they make!!!
Caleb's very first toy mommy and daddy bought him.
We had some time for some FIRST family photos at a park close to their house. :)
I love y'all's love!!! But this is a favorite!

Joanna requested I bring a basket and some hats :)

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