Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fun Sibling Session l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

As adults, it is very rare to get together with our siblings just for pictures. Honestly, this was a first for me...AND I LOVED IT!!! My first question was how did you talk everyone into this? (As I need pointers, because my brother always tells me 'NO') I think we should cherish every moment of our lives, and this session was beyond fun, and I know their parents will LOVE these.
Thank you all for being so much FUN!!!
 I asked the boys to act natural as if I wasn't there to take their pictures.....and this happens.....
 Starts telling a story a man walks into....
 With siblings this is guaranteed: You will have the 'quiet one,' 'rebellious/ out of the box one,' 'goofy one,' and the 'fibber/ story teller.'
 I'll let y'all guess which ones are which :)
 Real life capture of sibling love :)

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