Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall minis 2014 l Va Family Photographer

I have to give my families mad props this year, as Fall Mini Weekend fell on a rather cold weekend, and these were taken at Carter's Mountain. It is becoming bitter sweet to see all these kiddos grow, talking, walking, etc, as some I have seen since they were newborns. I'm learning more and more that they really do grow extremely fast. 
Thank you thank you thank you to all the families that stood the cold with me to play with apples, and cuddle up for their fall images :) 

Brandon and Maria: 
Brandon had just got home from overseas at few days prior to their session. Being an armed forces member I def had to give him a big hug in welcoming him home, and capturing their love and smiles is always an honor!

Loved finally meeting Trevor that is a mini of his grandpa, Roger. As Trevor didn't care for the cold much, they were definitely troopers.

Seriously how cute are these little girls, and I LOVE their outfits! Mom and Dad aren't so bad either :P For real a good looking family :)

Y'all know I LOVE the Henshaws....and Brantley....I'm still trying to grasp that he is walking and talking as I remember being in labor and delivery with this awesome family. Brantley's 'okay' is by far the cutest thing I heard that entire day!!! And Shelley, you are just as stunning as ever...can I have half of your beauty please?!?!
 FAV, this is going on my wall!
 Doesn't get much cuter than this, except when he said 'mine'

This is my second session with the Barlows, and boy what a sweet sweet family. Noah didn't want any parts of the cold on this day, but Luke was very content playing with the apples. :) 
 FAV, love Luke's hair blowing in the wind!
 EKKK y'all are precious!!!

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