Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Helynn's Birth Story l Charlottesville, Va Birth Photographer

Miss Helynn was born in the evening on November 5th after a long day of Mom, Amber, feeling the full strength of labor. Amber you did amazing, and she was definitely worth the wait. 
I will never forget get when Amber contacted me to let me know she was expecting, and she wanted to do a pregnancy announcement session (seen here). That day she glowed with happiness like I had never seen, Brandon had put that smile on her face that she still hasn't been able to remove. 
As the months went by, Amber kept me posted on how she was doing and we planned her gender reveal (here). Which her and Brandon planned on Brandon's stomping grounds in Greene county where his grand parents once lived. This was the session where I finally got to meet Brandon, and I could tell why Amber was so happily in love, he is completely smitten over Amber and Haizel. 
Take is two more months down the road, and it was time for maternity, and a gorgeous skyline drive scenery (here). 

All of those moments lead up to this day, the waiting was finally over and Helynn made a glorious entrance into the world, and mom and dad couldn't be happier.

 .....the waiting game...
 Brandon was so supportive during contractions 
 after epidural smiles 
 Our guesses on times and weights
after a little cat nap it was time to push
 such a mix of wonderful emotions :) 
 AND then Helynn let out her first cry......at that point I was in tears because it is so magical

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  1. Amber, I'm so happy for you. Your new little angel is so very beautiful. I love you. I think of you often and miss you. I love you, baby girl.