Friday, November 21, 2014

Katelyn and Robbie's BIG DAY l King William, Va Wedding Photographer

OH my gosh! I am finally blogging about Katelyn's big day, and I must say she is probably the happiest bride I have ever seen (pics to prove it). I feel as if the time from her telling me she was engaged to this day FLEW by. I remember getting about 20-30 pinterest links a day, and now seeing all the DIY her and her mom, Pam, put it, it was AMAZING. Pam you seriously need to give yourself a huge pat on the back from all your hard work. 

I met Katelyn a few years ago during her sister in laws bridal session at Maymont. From there Katelyn helped assist and shoot weddings, and became my travel partner. She also is an awesome model for when I was learning new things, and wanted to try new things with my camera, which for her wedding day was no different as I tried my new technique at sparkler pictures. Needless to say Katelyn has become a great friend and partner in crime, and was there for me during a very tough time in my life, and she is an AMAZING person inside and out that can light up a room, make light of a situation, and a strong woman that will hold her ground (and don't ever let her get hangry). 

This was the first wedding where I got to see it come to life. From months earlier helping design the wedding invites and helping put those together, to going to the venue the day prior and helping with the whole set up, to getting to her wedding (with snacks and a sweet tea in hand) SIX hours early to set up cake and finish helping Pam set up. I LOVED being a friend, guest, and photographer at this wedding. And a thanks to Erica of Hildebrandt Photographer for coming out to second shoot.

Katelyn & Robbie are both good hearted country people that love all things country, from hunting to fishing, to off roading; so in planning their big day they both knew they wanted a country/ rustic wedding. BOY oh BOY did they have a gorgeous country wedding with touches of lace, burlap, trunks, twine..... And Katelyn's favorite kind of cake.....RED VELVET!

Venue: Frog Level Farm
Dress: David Tutera
Cake: Pam Harlowe
Decor: DIY from Pam and Tommy Coleman 

 Yes I cried putting on the veil
 Katelyn's Mema giving her a very special ring.
 So....when the officiant asked who gives this woman to this man.....her dad stayed quiet and looked around....then responded 'he can borrow her' 
 Three generations
Meet spirit again, as he was seen in Katelyn's bridals, this beauty made a quite adorable appearance at their wedding :)
 and then he tried to eat the silk flowers
 TOTALLY LOVE her laugh!!!

 Ok I'm a total sucker for father daughter dances, and for sure I def cried during this very special dance. Tommy has such a strong love for his little girl.
 And after spending a few minutes from the reception (after formal stuff) I captured the most amazing picture that is already hung in my house. (and got my cardio in for the day) 

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