Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joanna and Corey l Richmond, Va Portrait Photographer

I first met Joanna and Corey last year. I couldn't wait to meet them as they discussed starting a photo warp with their engagement photo, that had been taken on Belle Isle. Last year we did all of their one year anniversary images on Belle Isle, this year we decided on two locations.

I couldn't wait to see Joanna and Corey again, I couldn't believe it had almost been a whole year. This is such an amazing couple, so in love, and completely comfortable showing it in front of the camera.

Joanna had sent me a message months prior discussing their session for this year, and she mentioned how excited they were as she had noticed a change in my photography style. It is such an honor to have not only amazing clients, but for your clients to be 100% excited for their session with you.

Thank you Joanna and Corey and I can't wait for next year!!!

How cool is this right?!?!


They are the cutest!!!

Joanna you are gorgeous!!!


You seriously make me want to have natural red hair!!


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