Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A little bit of remodeling l Personal

I have now been in my home for a little over two years. Upon looking at many houses, I fell in love with the one I now own. In the two years I have grown to dislike a few things, and want to change a few things. In knowing I was going to partake in quite a few projects, I knew I couldn't do it on my own (more so in I didn't want to F it up). As I like to work with local small businesses I contacted a well known contractor in my area, Matt Grubbs (view/ like his Facebook page HERE). Matt was extremely easy to work with and worked around my crazy schedule, as I really only saw him ONCE during this whole process. So a huge thanks to Matt, and I highly suggest him for your home renovations.

My biggest project (and 2nd with Matt was my fireplace) here is a iPhone pic of before and after:
I knew I really disliked the fireplace surround, and I wanted a stone, and farm beam mantle. In discussing with Matt he suggested a few things. And I went with the airstone blue, and some tan, as I didn't want the fireplace all blue.
 LOVE how this turned out!!
 Farm beam mantle 
 A few stones are missing on the top, but since image it is complete!

Rewind a few weeks and my first project was the back splash. When I moved in I originally thought I wanted dark colored slate as a backsplash. Then when in telling someone this, they had done that exact backsplash in their kitchen and I hated it. So I choose a tan style stone to pop the tan out of the counter, and I LOVE it!!
 AND Skeatti, Meatball, and Cha Chi approve too :) 
Thank you thank you thank you Matt, and I look forward to many more renovations with you!

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