Monday, October 13, 2014

My 29th Year l Personal

Today is finally the day I turn 29, but more importantly my Papa turns 80. Sad truth of that, is I cried typing that, because I know I won't get 29 more to spend my special day with my Papa that I am so much like. So my wish is that EVERYONE wish him a very very happy birthday.

WWWOOOOO 29, I don't even know how I feel about that. I still feel like I just turned 26 and getting ready to buy a house (which is now under remodel, with only a few projects marked off the list) that point I didn't realize how successful I would be. I dreamt of it, and now I am living it, so thank you to everyone for that. Thank you for believing in me, for lifting me up at times of doubts, and being AMAZING clients and friends!

Today is the first year is quite some time I am working on my birthday, it's smack right in the middle of wedding season and I have lots of editing to catch up on.  So I will spend the first part of my day at my office job, then home to edit all night, and eat cake.....don't judge me. :)      But my wish for myself for today is to have an adult cake smash session ( FOR REAL), and a nice long nap.....because I didn't get my Sunday nap yesterday (I am serious about my sunday naps).

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