Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Makeover giveaway

ANOTHER giveaway we are doing this month: Beauty makeover and FREE photo session.

Do you know someone that is over worked?
Always has the kids?
Going through a rough time?
Never takes time for herself?
Has had the same style for years and is outdated?

Enter their stories and submissions to and myself and Eric Cumming, stylist  will choose a winner. :)

Meet my dear friend Hilary. She is super mom to me, she always has the kids, and her kids always come first. :) Hilary had the same hairstyle for years and hardly ever has time for herself, and she wants to get back into modeling. As many know I am all for women empowerment and helping someone gain self confidence. I suggested she change her hairstyle to fit her more. With the help of Eric she looks AMAZING. Here is her before and after.:)


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