Thursday, June 26, 2014

Breedlove Family River Mini l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

I absolutely adore this family. I remember being in first grade with Tracy in Ms. Robinson's class, getting in trouble for talking to much, all the way to senior English in Ms. Steven's where she kept talking about this man. And that man then, is this man now that still makes her so happy, and has given her two wonderful/ gorgeous girls, and he loves her to the moon and back. I love watching this family grow, capturing the girls grow, and capturing the love that still grows between Tracy and Will. Never stop being happy, because it looks great on all of y'all. :)

 LOVE this!!
 Thank you Will for making my childhood friend so incredibly happy!!
 Always hold her tight.
 Always laugh together :)
 And these gorgeous girls right here.........melt my heart with their big blue eyes!!
 Bella growing up way to fast.
 How can you not love this little girl?!?!?
 EEEEKKKKK sister love!
And these smiles!!! :) :)
 Sometimes its not just about the picture, it's about the moment...
 Just a few images to capture Bella's forth year :)

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