Monday, June 16, 2014

Stacy's Outdoor Boudoir Louisa, Va Boudoir Photographer

Many people think of boudoir in many different ways. Most think of it as 'oh half naked girl on a bed.' Guess what I'm here to change that viewing!
Stacy contacted me earlier last week saying she was starting to feel 'blah' about herself. You know what, as women we should all get that. We have days we don't feel pretty, and we have days where we feel like a super star. Once those bad days happen more often, it is time to do something for yourself. Take a day for you, a day away from the hustle and bustle, a day away from the kids, a day to feel like a super model, just some time to recharge your batteries so you know you are awesome just the way you are!!
At WPPI I took two classes with Jen Rozenbaum, who is a completely bad ass boudoir photographer in New York. Her motto is 'shamelessly feminine,' she couldn't have two words together that are more perfect for boudoir. Boudoir isn't about just the bedroom, it's about rocking your business woman outfit to rocking sweat pants and a t-shirt and knowing you are who you are in either one, loving yourself every day. Realizing you are gorgeous in your own skin. Stacy is a mom, guess what she has earned those beauty marks from carrying Brycen. She has earned those laugh lines, because he has brought so much happiness into her life. OWN YOU!!
 For her boudoir I wanted something completely different than I had EVER done. She let me take the reins and do exactly what my creative heart wanted. Thank you for that Stacy, you're awesome!!
 So I got this piano about two months ago, and from this past Friday to Saturday we spent about 8 hours gutting it, to be able to move is more easily. Now it didn't look this awesome when I got it, but letting it sit in the rain and sun added the perfect touches that I wanted.
 I mean have you ever seen a piano in the woods???? Me either, that is why I did it!!!! Don't settle for average EVER. Go after your dreams!!
 Then we were off to River for the rest of her session.
 Couch on the side of the river with a beautiful red head!!! :) :)
Stacy you are gorgeous just the way you are!!!

Makeup artist: Kaitlyn Mott
Special thanks to: Dusty, Rodney, and Hailey for all your help to make this happen.

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  1. This is such a beautiful set up and a gorgeous lady. I wish I had the confidence to do something like this. Beautiful all around ��