Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miss A Outdoor Boudoir l Louisa, Va Women's Photographer

The more I do and study boudoir, the more I learn of every woman's struggles in live. Growing up I just thought there was fat and skinny. In life now I know as women we all view ourselves as flawed, and that doesn't even matter your size. STOP!!! Just be you! 
I want to take a stand and let every woman know 'YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!' That doesn't matter you age, size, height, how many kids you have had....stop with being mean to each other, stop belittling yourself, look at all the things to love about you, and wear your smile with confidence. Gaining your self confidence is ALL what boudoir is about!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Miss A outdoor boudoir. Someone that came in from out of state for her session. Someone who is independent, strong, and gorgeous!

Her rock star shoes!!!

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