Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taking a little time just for me l Personal

A hard reality of growing up and running a business is making time for yourself. The last time I took vacation time from work was to move into my house, which lets be real wasn't a vacation. And that was two years ago this month. I am a very busy person, and I always try to keep myself that way (which isn't always good). I work full-time at my day job, I run my basically full-time photography business, I have house chores, yard work, meetings, working out, etc. There is little time left for me except the little sleep I do get.
This year I not only made time to educate myself more for my business in two trips with my fav photog gal pal, Erica. But we also planned out a pretty awesome concert season around wedding season. I decided to make more time for ME, so I don't get burnt out and loose out on life because my work 90% of the time comes first before anything.
When Warren asked if I wanted to come to the beach, I definitely contemplated it for awhile, as I am quite a bit of a work-a-holic. So adult pep talk to myself goes like this: 'you need a break!' Truth be told WE ALL NEED A BREAK sometimes. We all NEED a chance to recharge our batteries.

I did work Wednesday morning before leaving for the beach. I packed the IPad so I could check my emails in the morning. The first thing we did when I got there was go down to the beach, which the beach is happy place. A place where I can sit for hours and reflect, think, and just let things go.
The beach for me is normally quiet time for tanning, but when Elizabeth asked to help build sand castles and such, I couldn't say no. I hadn't done those things in YEARS.
 See answering emails while on vacation :)
 A quick little selfie of Gabby and I at Chic-fil-a
 Then the little sister drove from her new home in SC to see me :) :)
 Chase photo bomb hehehe
 My heart was completely whole this day :)
 We decided on dinner at Medieval Times, if you have never been there you definitely have to go!!
 And you get to eat with your hands
 LOL we have a special bond :)
 And all the kids wanted to ride with us, Sammi's face is pretty priceless :) :) :)
 And then a walk on the beach....LOVE HER!!
 We ate out of dog bowls LOL another fact about me: Hot dog is my fav food, not exactly allowed on my normal diet, but hey I was on vacation.
 I LOVE the beach at night.

Then home for the Band Perry concert with this chic!

 B is really for BLUE.

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