Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mr. De'Loach is Super Dad l Ashland, Va Family Photographer

Warren is a super dad! There is no explanation about that. Being a single parent is tough, but he has shown true strength and patience. He will do anything for his girls. He told me before they got here for the summer that he is their protector and he will do all he has to to protect them from this world.
For Father's Day I surprised him with a wrapped gift to take with him out to AZ to get his two little pride and joys. Inside was a Super Dad shirt. To me that is what he is. :)
It's not very often you hear how awesome single dad's are. I have a few friends that I can say are awesome single dads, and Warren falls into this category. Giving up a lot to spend every waking moment to make sure they are happy and having fun here in Va. Painting their finger nails. Playing pretty pretty princess. And singing Frozen and Beauty and the Beast in the car as loud as he can because that is what makes them happy.
You are an amazing Dad!!

 I love a child's laugh, but there is something about Gabby's that just automatically puts a smile on my face. 

 The second part of Warren's Father's Day surprise was cute little girly super girl outfit to take pictures with his shirt. Huge thanks to Rooty Tutu's for these awesome bedazzled shirts and tutus :)

Don't you love their bedazzled capes?!?!?

 tickle fight anyone?
 Love the emotion in this image!!
 And these are the faces I am used to :) :)
 I love how much fun they have together :)

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