Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brantley Birth Story l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

I honestly do not know how I forgot to blog about this special moment. :(

Shelley first contacted me when she first found out she was expecting. I absolutely LOVE keeping secrets with my clients, sometimes I find out before mom and dad as well. (Do you know how HONORED I am???) To have clients that want me there every step of the way still amazes me. With Shelley and Jonathan I got to capture their Pregnancy Announcement then their Maternity Session. I loved that they were game for my ideas and locations, as I was for theirs as well. :)

Shelley kept me posted as she went to her doctors appointments, then as it came closer I started to get nervous and excited as this was my FIRST birth story. I kept my phone on at night, which if you know me my phone goes on slient at night. I would check in with Shelley every few days for updates and see how she was feeling. She was 100% ready mentally for a all natural birth, SUPER woman!!!

The days came closer and they admitted Shelley in the hospital, I was kept on my toes for a few days as they prepared to induce her. They broke her water on a Monday afternoon, and I was on my way to Martha Jefferson as soon as she texted me. Once I got in the room, her contractions started, and seeing her in pain was painful to watch. I was impressed at Martha Jefferson's birthing facility, they even have a birthing tub in their rooms, how cool is that. Since her doctors where watching her blood pressure closely, they did not allow me in the room during the actual birth, sad face I know. But I was in their moments after and was able to capture some of Brantley's first moments with mom and dad. :) :)

Congrats Shelley and Jonathan on a precious baby Brantley!!!

 Shelley's Dad stayed by her side the whole time :) :)
 Soon to be Dad comforting his wife :)
 Welcome to the world Brantley

 I LOVE baby feet!!
 How precious is this??

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