Monday, April 15, 2013

Couple Session Giveaway l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

It has been quite some time since I had a giveaway. And since I REALLY would like some images in the wild flower field and another location with a couple, I decided what the heck I should have a giveaway.

I asked on my Facebook page last week for couples to send in their images and love stories to my email. I was slightly upset I didn't have much interest. Well, this morning I posted I would need just one more to host the give away, and I received NINE emails right away. :)

I will post each contestants picture that they sent me with a little bit about them! Please choose one couple fairly!!

1. You can vote for a couple by commenting on this blog post with their names.
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****If you are having ISSUES with commenting on this blog post, please write on my Facebook page stating so, and vote there. Sorry for the issues, I am trying to get them resolved! *******

Contest will end April 25th!!!

Heather and Billy:
Heather and Billy met in 7th grade when he asked me out through a 'secret' Valentines letter & signed it LOVE Billy! I said no back then. Then after 5 years of waving and smiling in the school hallways, we reunited at our local fire department in 12th grade. And now here we are almost 8 years later, MARRIED!!!! And I am proud to say I married my best friend!

Kelsey and Kelcey: (entered by her sister)
 My amazing sister and brother in law deserve this giveaway for many reasons. They are such a cool couple. They met in 2007 and Oct 11 2008 made it official. They moved to Dover DELAWARE a week later so Kelcey could continue his career as a united States airman. They both are away from there families much of the year due to his commitment to our country. I am extremely proud of the adults they have grown to be. Please vote for them.

Amber and Graham:
 Its been some journey with this amazing guy we have been together since January 3rd of 2010, we came across each other on a snowy winter evening we just clicked since then and we talk forever without there ever being a dual moment. We have a beautiful 17month old daughter that was born on October 27th 2011 that is the joy of our life. We have had a rocky road but also glorious moments. We always manage to fight threw the tough and be a family. I don't think I could ever see myself apart from him. We make each other complete <3

Camdynne and Kyle:
 We have been together for almost 4 years!! Never had pics done! And barely have any of us together!!! We don't do much but we love to fish and be outdoors! And get on each others nervous ;) we have defiantly had our share of ups and downs but it's so worth it :) we love each other more and more everyday :)

Danielle and Brandon:

Brandon and I met a little over 6 years ago at Buffalo Wild Wings singing karaoke. I just finished singing Sugarlands "baby girl" and walked off stage past his table. He grabbed my arm and said "Hey your gonna sit down here and talk to me" I was thinking to myself who does this guy think he is...
He was very handsome and I was instantly attracted to him, so I walked off went and grabbed my purse and beer  and came and sat next to him. After that night our first official date was just the two of us pool side at night with a 12 pack of beer. I swear it was the best date I had been on in my life. We talked and laughed and from that point on we were an item. 8 months later we were married, 4 years later we had our  sweet baby girl after a 3 year long struggle getting pregnant. When I was a little girl I had always imagined a prince charming on a horse but what I got was much better a cowboy with a jacked up dodge! Brandon's job keeps him away from home two weeks at a time and then he is only home for 3 days before he goes back for another 2 weeks. It would be so great to have pictures taken of us thanks so so much!

Emily and Chris:
 We have been together for ten years and married almost nine we have 4 kids from 19 to 5..we haven't had pictures done since our engagement pics..

Jessica and William:

This is me and my fiancé William. We first met when I was 16 back in 2000. I fell in love with him quick, but it took him a little longer to fall for me as hard as I fell for him...9 years to be exact lol! I gave up on us in 2004. I moved on with my life and started a family with another man and tried to love him like I did William. William was always in the back of my mind though. I wished nothing but the best for him and hoped that one day he would find true love of his own, if not with me with someone that treated him like he should be treated, a great man. So long story short the man I decided to start a family with turned out to not be the one for me. He was not ready to settle down with just one woman if ya know what I mean, so my heart was broken but I picked myself up and brushed myself off for my baby girl. One night in the midst of all my heartache I kept dreaming a phone number over and over in my head, the next morning the number was still in my head. Keep in mind that this is now 2009, I felt that I knew the number but wasn't sure from where, so me being curious as I am I decided to call the number. I couldn't believe my ears as to who was on the other end of the phone, it was William! He was single, no kids of his own, never been married! I was in the middle of a divorce! He told me that he never stopped thinking about me and after I finally told him goodbye, he realized what he had lost. So I guess it's true, you don't know what you got till it's gone! We talked on the phone for hours every night for 2 weeks. I felt 16 again and in love more than ever. We finally decided to meet up. He instantly fell in love with my daughter and she was crazy about him too. I felt like God, fate or something brought us back together. Now we are engaged and have a daughter of our own together. Our family is perfect in my opinion and I wouldn't change a thing about how it all happened. Everything happens for a reason. I have my two beautiful girls and the man of my dreams (literally)! We are getting married August 24, 2013 and I would love nothing more but to have professional pics taken of us to capture the love we have for each other! Please vote for us.
Thanks Jessica and William 

Rose and David: (enter by a friend)
This is a photo of my very best friend Rose Lemaster and her fiancé David Spencer! They are such a fun loving couple! They have been engaged since Christmas & are looking to get married this year. When David pop the question to Rose Christmas Day she was not feeling the greatest. She was ill with a virus and although she said yes & was happy he asked. All she wanted to do was go back to bed. Poor guy! So Im think having engagement pictures done would be a nice gift for them. Rose & Dave are always going out of their way to help other people. So I would like to win this for them, so they could have fun & show their engagement! Please for them!

Vannessa and Corey:
Corey and I have been together for 7 Years as of April 3. We have known each other since high school, eatting breakfast together every morning and hooking up shortly after I graduated. We have had our ups and downs as any normal young couple. We were blessed with our handsome son Anthony in January of 2010. He is our world. As you can see that is why I do not have a picture of Corey and I alone, lol. In September of 2012 Corey had a motorcycle accident and was medflighted to VCU. At the time he suffered from a TBI, Broken shoulder blade, knocked out a front tooth and almost completely ripped off his ear. We were told that he could wake up not remembering anyone and having the mind set of a 2 yr old. With surgery his ear was fixed, and in time his shoulder blade healed, his tooth is being replaced within the next few weeks. Unfortunaly when you have a TBI there are alot of things affected, Corey on the other hand was being watched over that night, he suffers with some short term memory loss along with a little bit of a personailty change (still outgoing but not as much as he was), sometimes has a short fuse when aggrevated. Most people with a TBI are not as lucky as him, now just 8 months later he is back to work full time!!  This normally takes a minimum of two years. We still have a lot to learn about his condition and in time we will know what changes are staying for a life time and what is just temporary, regardless we have clung to each other more and this situation has made us stronger individuals as well as a stronger couple. Last time he and I had any type of pictures done was three years ago when our son was first born. I would love for him and I to have this give away. Almost as if its a reminder that he may not be 100% the same person but love prevails all.

Lindsay and Justin: 
My husband and I never really get to to much together between a 4 year old 2 year old and a newborn, work and just life in general. We been through so much in the last 6 years and I thought it would be a good thing for him and I to spend time together. Thank you for your time! This picture is really the only one we have together and its from 2009 when we got married and our honeymoon! 

Amanda and Adam:
  Our story goes like this... he's old. Im young. He knocked me up and struck gold. End of story. :)

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    Amanda F

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