Friday, April 5, 2013

A special dedication to Sissy l Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

WOW, is all I can say. The response to the image I posted on my Facebook yesterday was incredible. I made the image as a surprise to Stacy, an amazing client that has become a wonderful friend. You have seen her in my very first Maternity Boudoir session, and in Brycen's Newborns. I am working on a year long project with her, and I can't wait to share in 2014. :)

This image was my first time merging/ ghosting images in photoshop. I was able to use one of Stacy's images off of Facebook, yes with her permission. Many of you may or may not know that Facebook lowers the quality of their images as they are uploaded, so this was a little difficult for me, but over all I didn't curse at photoshop (we have a love hate relationship still, but we are working on our differences).  The quote is from a song by The Dixie Chicks, and I first heard it after I did Brycen's Newborn pictures on the way to my best friends house, and I had been thinking about what to do to include her mom in his pictures, as I feel 100% she sent Brycen to her to show her what a mothers love truly was and is. I was in tears listening to it, which I had never done before, and I put on concerts in my car quite often. :)  At that moment I knew that was the song that was meant for a dedication to Sissy for Stacy and sweet Brycen.

Here is what was posted: "I have to share this project with everyone!!! (it is not perfect because I have never merged images in PS, nor downloaded an image from FB to use) Stacy is an amazingly strong woman, she lost her mom about a year ago and they were the best of friends. Imagine you and your best friend and times that love and happiness by 10, that was her and her mom. A few months later she found out she was going to be having a little blessing from above, 9 months later Brycen made his appearance to the world. I wanted to do something special for Stacy to show her that her mom is still with her everyday watching over her and that special boy. In thinking about this a month ago I was in tears, in hearing this song I was in tears, and now writing this I am again for the forth time today. Stacy I love you and Brycen and your mom would be so proud of you!!"

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