Friday, July 26, 2013

Amber's bridal portraits l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

When Amber first emailed me she was getting married, words can not express how happy I was for her. I knew she was going to be a stunning bride. In finding a location for her bridal portraits, I didn't want to go with Maymont, because I had had a few other bridal sessions already there the month prior. I wanted something different and unique. We choose one location to be Gardens by Pat at Serenity Cove, and her other location was a wildflower field at Crump park.

The day of her bridals the weather was not so great, and we all watched the percentage change of storms constantly, to out advantage the percentage kept going down and down. Amber knew I loved overcast for images, and it stayed cloudy during her session and then we started to hear thunder coming closer and closer.

We toughed it out and thankfully we did not get rained on. :)

Isn't Amber just stunning?!?!?!

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