Friday, July 26, 2013

Building the Lemonade Stand l Personal

Okay, I will be the first to admit I am not great at building things or putting things together. I need pictures and dumb dumb directions. So, the thought of building this lemonade stand from recycled wood was quite scary, and y'all should've seen my drawing of what I wanted. LOL

In talking about this to my good friend Jacob, he offered to help, and he is no professional either, but we worked well together to get this done. The 'a kid made this' feel is definitely in place with this structure.

I picked up this recycled wood on sunday from a fencing company....yay for being green somewhat!
 And all the wood had nails we had to remove first.
 Don't hate on my pink hammer, you know you wish you had one. HEHEHE

 After nails were removed.
 OK OK I got slightly distracted, but how could you not with cuteness like this?!?!
 and this?!?!?

 Yes I helped build this. :) :)
 I didn't smash any fingers, but I got a nice blister.
 WOW we did it and it stood up, I'm impressed!! And yes I wanted crooked boards on the front.

 And this is how meatball feels about building the lemonade stand. LOL
 The sides are up, now we have to finish the sides and the sign for the top.
After building this last night it got me even MORE excited for Lemonade stand minis on Aug 3rd!!! Did y'all see where they are going to be???? Sunflower field and lemonade stand, that's summer to me!!

Here are a few images I took with some great models of the location the lemonade minis will be at.

Isn't this gorgeous?!?

 AWESOME family!!!
 How could you not get excited looking at this image. :)
 Lemonade stand minis are open to couples as well!!! This is going to be fun sessions for all ages, not just limited to kids. :)

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