Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Instagram Friday Series l Personal

I started this series last week to share a little more of my life with everyone. This last week has been quite busy, from getting the studio ready for valentine minis, bumping up my workouts, location scouting with my fav Erica of Hildebrandt Photography, date nights, and WPPI planning with Erica.

Friday was an interesting day for me last week. On way to meet a wonderful bride I hit the water main break back up on 64, it was AWESOME......NOT!!! Once I got there I got to talk to them about their amazing Lewis Ginter wedding in September. After their meeting, I went to my all time favorite store, Hobby Lobby, to get the finishing touches of the kissing booth set up to prepare to have these two cuties in the studio to model for me. This is an outtake after their wild, fun session. They are both covered in kissing from their mom' cute right?!?!? :)

Saturday was a fun filled evening with this chick-a-dee, Erica. LOVE HER!!! We went to four different locations to scout for her family session when her love comes home from across the world. And this will be just days before we leave for VEGAS for 8 days. We will be out there for WPPI, site seeing, and learning from AMAZING photographers all around the world, a dream come true to be better for all of our clients. Since we hadn't seen each other in what seemed year, it was really weeks, we had to have dinner and drinks and have so much girl talk :) :)

 If you follow me on Facebook, you will remember earlier this year I had a 50% off sweetheart giveaway. Well I am planning a super cute styled session for these couples. How could I NOT get these cute mugs to include for their sessions?!?!? :) :)

I almost didn't share this image on any social media much less this, BUT I need to learn be PROUD of how I have changed my whole lifestyle to be healthy for ME. This road has not been easy, it has been very hard. I lost me in 2011/2012 and I lost a lot of confidence, and I decided to make me happy for me. Its a long road and I am still not where I need or want to be, but I WILL get there. I am so grateful for Miss Brooke Anderson of Pumps and Pushups for her kick ass works outs, I do not think I would be seeing these amazing shedding results with out her. I also have changed my eating habits a lot. Clean eating is the way to go to shed belly fat.....but sometimes pizza happens....and I have to make up for it with an extra work out. :/ My ultimate goal is to be in a two piece by summer, which hasn't happened for me in about 8 years. I also can't be more motivated and determined this year.

I share A LOT of pictures of Skeatti, lets be real he is a moma's boy and right next to me 24/7. So when I'm doing my work outs he essentially gets in the way. It gets on my nerves, but how can I be mad at that cute pug face. He totally melts my heart, and I am so glad I rescued him almost 4 year ago. 

A goal of mine this year is to read more. So my trip to Barnes and Nobles I finally started picking up photography books to add to my new collection. 

Through out the year I purchase new backdrops to have more diversity for my clients. I can not wait to use these for some cuties birthdays and cake smashes this month. 

How could it be Instagram with out sharing my new favorite snack: Celery and PB company white chocolate peanut butter...yum!

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