Friday, February 14, 2014

Flashback Instagram Friday Series l Personal

YAY for Instagram Friday of my past week. I love these blogs :)

This past Sunday, myself and Erica traveled down to Va Beach to hang with a beautiful lady by the name of Debbie. She is an amazing photographer local to that area, and she has become a great friend. And she gets super cool points for having a Scottish accent, we love you Debbie. Thank you so much for allowing us to spend half of the day with you. :)
We had a small Beatles moment in the cross walk :) 
A few folks are following my weight loss. I take these pictures once a month for ME to see a difference, and holy smokes my hard work has paid off. It hasn't exactly been fun, but it has SOOOO been worth it to see this picture. This year I have added lots of weights to my routine, and I am loving the after effects of that. Bikini body here I come!!!
 Snowmedgedon hit this week, and thank GOD for 4 wheel drive. With a foot of snow plus ice, I would have been stranded. My pretty pink lady did me proud in the snow :)

I made some homemade red velvet cupcakes for some of my clients that choose to have their sweetheart session in the snow. I love when I get to spoil my clients a little bit :)
 As y'all know myself and Erica are leaving for WPPI in VEGAS in just a couple weeks. And it couldn't be a day trip with out stopping at the Williamsburg Outlets for new outfits. I didn't get all theses dresses, but I totally had to get the blue one.

 A life with indoor animals you let sleep in you bed means, you don't really get to sleep in your whole bed. They may be small, but dang they take up over half of my queen size bed. And yes Skeatti has to have his toy every where he goes! (just a little spoiled)

TRUTH!!!! And everyone should live by this!

I am trying to learn how to cook more crock pot meals, as I am away from home quite a bit. With the snow coming I wanted to be a little prepared, so I made a clean lentil veggie soup. I have never made soup before, and this was pretty dang good. 

Where's the pug? Yes this is how they really really felt about the snow. LOL

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