Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hildebrandt Family l Mechanicsville, Va Family Photographer

I am blessed that every long trip Drew makes home to see his family, I get to see them all as well. A lot of you may know Erica of Hildebrandt Photography as we do a lot of stuff together. If you do not know Erica, let me let you into her life a little. She is an amazing, strong woman that not only runs her business, but is raising two boys while Drew works overseas. She doesn't get to see him very often, but she made her first trip out to Kuwait earlier this year to visit him where he lives about 11 months out of the year.

For this year's family session, Erica wanted to include her other baby, her 1968 Mustang that was a Mother's day gift to her last year.....Yes I know I'm jealous too. So we went all vintage for the first outfit. A little more modern for the second outfit.

I hope y'all love this sunny session as much as I do.

Working with toddlers is always an unknown on how they will act, or what mood they will be in at the time of a family session. Julian was quite content in playing with the windshield wiper, so we went with it.

 Walking on Mommy's car is cool.

 Mr. Wildman himself, trying to escape.

 OOOOOO LOVE this one.
 EEEKKKKK so cute!
 YUP, another FAV!! I love when my bestie is all in love and happy!!
 How can you not love this tree?!?!?!

 Kissy break :)
 LOVE this sassy attitude one.

 I love all the little details Erica put together for this shoot.

 Just the boys.

 Love this!!

 My all time favorite picture of Julian. Him completely in the moment, laughing at something, and looking just like his Papa.

Safe travels to Drew on his way back to Kuwait today. And myself and Erica will be heading to WPPI in Vegas bright and early tomorrow morning.

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