Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New logo and branding for 2014

I personally know how hard it can be trying to design a website or choosing a host. Then you have to pick out colors and designs that reflect you.......and then a logo that says oooooo that is so and so.

Now there are a lot of templates and premade templates that you can buy to make you life easier. I myself used those when I first started out. WHY? Because it was easy, and myself and Photoshop did not get along. (honestly, I'm not that tech savy) In the past year I made myself use Photoshop more and more for design purposes only. In doing so I have learned how to make my own logos.

For 2014, I want a whole to website, because to me my website now doesn't portray myself or my work as I want it to. Looking on Etsy for a few hours at custom logos, yes I went that route again, I wanted to try my hand at making my own.

First I went to www.dafont.com and looked at some fonts, download a few. Installed them my computer, and BOOM they were automatically in CS6.

My logo took me 4 minutes to make........and yes for real I searched on Etsy for 2.5 hours trying to find one I liked.

And here it is:  (Lesson of the day, sometimes it's easier just to do it yourself)

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