Friday, February 14, 2014

How I spent my snow day l Personal

I can't lie, I LOVE snow! I think it is gorgeous, and I love playing in snow, and building snow men. I couldn't wait to get up and play with the puppies outside, but they were not as excited as I was.

As I am in Richmond today, thank goodness for having a truck or I would be snowed in at home. Richmond didn't get nearly as much snow as I did. We got about a foot, then some ice, then more snow after that.
Skeatti's first attempt in the snow was straight under the truck.
 Cha-chi was not happy with me at all!! First with the sweater, second with being outside, and lastly taking pictures of him.

 I love his little pug feet!

 And then he attempted to walk in the snow....LOL

 I actually had to carry this little sissy in the snow and put him in it to get pictures of him.
 Then they stayed here until it was time to go in.

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