Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday.5 l Personal

YAY it's Friday again. I am so super stoked for my weekend sessions. If you are a photographer, you are probably coming out of your slower season, how did you spend your slower season?.....what are you doing to be better this busy season?......

For me I have spent my slower season working on Me and doing things I LOVE, because once wedding season starts, I do not have a lot of free time to do these things. I have focused on my healthier life style, and I plan to keep this during wedding season and prep food for weddings.

This past week I finally fit into size 10 skinny jeans. I have never been a huge fan of skinny jeans, well that was until last year I found a light mint pair that were super cute.
 Last weekend I had a session cancel on me, which I then jumped the gun to go hiking. Last time I hiked this particular trail I was 40 lbs heavier, and boy could I tell the difference hiking up the mountain.
 I found a ceiling I am totally in LOVE with!!!
 This is what I wake up to on the weekends. As during the week I wake up at 530am, so I have to force them to get up during the week. Now the weekends they don't like me to sleep past 7-730. Skeatti will come lay right on me and just STARE, Cha chi will lay on the pillow next to me and purr loudly, now Meatball is very content just being under the covers nice and warm.
 Who is so excited for spring???? ME ME ME !!! I check to see if my lilies were growing back from planting last year....and they are. Not just one bud but THREE from each bulb I planted last year....super excited for these to come up and bloom!!
 Meet Kacey of Faithful Flowers she is an AMAZING florist, and the only one I suggest to my brides. We had planned for a luncheon to discuss bridal shows and business, but she joined me on the hike instead. We talked business once we got to the top. If you haven't checked out her work please click the link above and show her some love on Facebook!!!

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