Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joanna and Corey's Super fun Gender Reveal l Richmond, Va Maternity Photographer

YAY!! I finally get to tell the world that Baby Bell is a BOY!!! If you didn't check out their Pregnancy Announcement click here. 
Joanna and Corey have been clients and friends of mine for a little over a year and a half. Joanna and I have become quite close, which is the biggest reward of all. When she told me she was pregnant I cried, and I had to meet her to just hug her because I knew how much they wanted to add to their family. At the time of that session we discussed all things of telling the family, planning this gender reveal session, maternity, in hospital first moments, and lifestyle newborn. It's all so exciting and it goes by so fast. So I thought let's do something SUPER fun that Joanna and Corey would LOVE. 

I have brought up the paint idea twice now, Joanna an Corey never hesitated with a yes on wanting to do this, and it is also what I want to do if I ever have children. Joanna and Corey were beyond super excited to get messy and tell the world what they were having by embracing their inner kid. And sometimes as adults we ALL needs those little moments to remind us life IS FUN; Joanna and Corey are such a fun couple and this was perfect for them!

To view all the images please visit their PASS gallery:

We walked around RVA a brisk Sunday morning to grab a few pictures of Joanna's developing baby bump....Y'all know I love some baby bumps!!!

GGAAAHHH...LOVE that red hair (yes I am hoping for a red headed baby Bell)

Joanna you are STUNNING!!! 

Then it was time to eat cupcakes...or as Corey would say.....
 Oh Yes this happened, and makes me love them 10 times more, because they get to be 100% them in front of the camera with me :) :)
Then we were off to paint.

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