Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brantley turning ONE

It's hard to believe that a year has past since we were all waiting in the delivery room waiting for Brantley to make his appearance. (Brantley's Birth Story) A day that Shelley and Jonathan had been anticipating since their Pregnancy Announcement. I have loved every second of watching them grow from a couple to a family with so much love for this adorable little boy.

Even at Brantley's Newborn session he was so laid back and calm, and that still remained true to his Three Months Old family session, Fall mini, Christmas session, their in home session, and now to his one year old session. WWWWOOOOOOO, some may think that is quite a bit of sessions, but I have LOVED every minute of capturing him at those moments in life that they won't have back.

Now he has mastered the art of crawling so he is a little man on the move. Shelley came very prepared for their session, which as photographers we LOVE. So I have to send kudos to her...GREAT JOB!!! And she even made the rag garland and banner. Here is a few of my favorites of Mr. Brantley's session:

 Leg warmers from Rooty-tutus

 Oh that little grin........

 Look ma I'm one!!!! :)


 He was unsure about cake at first, and it was so cute watching him pick off the dots first.


 .....and I'm spent.....

 How CUTE?!?!?

Happy Birthday Brantley and I am super excited for your Cat in the Hat Party!!!

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