Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why you shouldn't put filters on your images once you recieve them from your photographer

This is my first blog since being back from WPPI. I am excited to educate not only my clients, but others as why it is important NOT to add filters to your professional images from your photographer.

As a photographer we are all so excited to see you all share your images on your social media, it means you love your images and you want to share them with your friends and family. A lot of photographers, myself included, use PASS. PASS allows our clients to automatically share their images from PASS to your Facebook, Pinterest, email, and now Instagram.

Erica has been so nice to allow me to use her images as an example for this blog, please note she did not add filters to these images, I did.

 As a first note, many do not know that Facebook does horrible things to images. Facebook compresses the images to a lower quality and darkens them slightly. When you save your images straight from Facebook, they will not be a high quality. This is just like printing your professional images at Walmart, Walgreens, and/of CVS, they also compress and darken the images when they are printed.....NOT GOOD!! I personally suggest mpix.com when printing high resolution images to my clients. Photographers that give their digital images to their clients through PASS, please download your images from there, they are high resolution from PASS, not from Facebook.

OKAY now to talk about Instagram. Who is a huge fan? I know I am!! I Instagram my whole life, and yes a lot of my meals.....total nerd, I know.

Why you shouldn't put a filter on your professional images:
1. It lowers the quality, first and foremost.
2. It is not how your photographer presented the image to you after they captured it, and edited it to their style....which is essentially why you choose them to capture your special moments.
3. BIGGGGG one here: You have a LOT of followers on Instagram, twitter, and/or Facebook that may not know of your photographer. If they see that image where it may be watermarked with your photographers logo, or you hashtag (#) your photographer (which you should do when sharing, or give photo credit), they automatically will look at that image at think that is how you were presented that image from your photographer. This reaction from your followers, friends, and/ or family may not always be pleasant as a lot of the filters are not kind to image and have some wonky effects.

Here are a few examples of instagram filers on some images that Erica's images that I put on them as an example:
This image over blows the highlights, darkens the darks, and lets not even talk about coloring......

This filter looks cool, don't get me wrong, but lowering of quality, adding a warming effect but loosing the over all feel of the image.

Holy woah on orange....please just don't do this.

As a reminder this is not a blog to bash or slap wrists on anyone, but it is to educate of why we as photographers will ask you to remove your images that they worked hard on if you do this. Be kind to your photographers, and please don't add filters to your images on Instagram then share all over the internet. LOVE your images they present to you, they are gorgeous and they are their style.



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