Friday, May 9, 2014

Father Daughter Dances l Personal

I have a few moments of every single wedding that are my favorite: The first time the groom sees his gorgeous bride, Dad's reaction to his daughter as a bride, Mom helping her baby girl get dressed, the special moments I have with just the bride and groom to capture their love right after the ceremony, and Father Daughter Dance. Truth be told I will never get to experience a father daughter dance of my own. I normally shoot all of these through tears. They are such a special moment, and seeing a father tear up leaves not a dry eye in the house. I get to live vicariously through my brides.
This past weekend my awesome bride Ashley also had a dance with her mom, and she already knew I was going to cry. As when Carrie Underwood came out with 'Mama's song' I hoped to have that dance with my mom one day. Unfortunately, due to life changes in people my mother opted to no longer want to be in my life, so these moments at wedding definitely pull on my heart strings.

If you are a bride and struggling with choosing a song here are some of my favorite Father Daughter Dance songs are:
1. Tim Mcgraw: My Little Girl
2. Krystal Keith: Daddy Dance with Me
3. Butterfly Kisses
4. Collin Raye: I wish I could
5. Heartland: I Loved Her First

Here are a few father daughter images from my wedding last weekend:

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