Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Website, New Brand, New ME l Personal

YAY!!! My new showit site is up. It is rather hard to believe I started building this before myself and Erica left for Vegas to WPPI in February. Through blood, sweat, and tear.....ok let's be real more so through lots of cursing on my end and on the phone with godaddy and Erica laughing, the hard work has paid off.

Please view the new site here:

HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to my photog buds number one Erica, and second Debbie. Y'all know how frustrated I get with anything technical, and y'all stuck it out with me. :)

Here is a little preview of my about me page: (huge huge thanks to Erica on her designing skills)

My inspiration on switching from a rather dark site to this was ME. I have changed, things in my life have changed, and my photography style has changed. This site is more me. I LOVE pink and I LOVE sparkly everything. Through designing a new logo to finding out what fonts say 'Crystal Reyns,' this is a blessing for great things to come. And yes you really have to view fonts like that when branding yourself.

I hope y'all love the new site. :)



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