Friday, May 2, 2014

Groome Maternity l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

I have a small obsession with baby bumps, which may not be a secret anymore. I LOVE maternity sessions, and I absolutely loved this early morning session with Valerie and Brandon in Beaverdam, Va. We started out our morning with. "I only allow you and Brandon to touch my belly." <----- LOVE that!!! Why? Because I have to rub the baby bellies, it is a small obsession I am working on. hehehe

I have been looking forward to this session since Valerie told me the good news, and I had to keep it in for a few weeks until they announced it publicly. Brandon and Valerie are both red head, and I am soooo hoping for an adorable fully red haired baby Brantley when he makes his appearance. :)

Their session was full of so much laughter, and Valerie's smile and laugh can light up a room. Brantley is already so lucky to have such loving parents. I can't wait to watch them grow as a family. :)

LOVE that bump!!
Valerie you are GORGEOUS, and yes I am jealous of your natural ginger hair.
My FAV!!
So cool you gotta wear shades :)
LOVE this!!!
HA HA Ha you have to LOVE their sense of humor!!
Another FAV!!

I loved this hat, so I had to incorporate it into a few poses. :)

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